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We’re confident in the quality of our flooring products. As a matter of fact, we are that confident in it that we offer up to 20 years warranty for domestic use and up to 5 years for commercial use as standard!

This limited warranty covers manufacturer’s faults only and is not an insurance policy. It is limited in liability to the cost of replacing the flooring only and this may be covered through replacing the product or issuing a refund of the original amount that was paid to us.

If you read the warranty closely, you should have all the information you need in order to take care of your floor. If you have any questions, we highly recommend contacting your point of sale before proceeding with an installation.

It is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions by the book. Don’t get caught out by ignoring the small print in those installation instructions because this will more than likely invalidate your warranty. Please note different flooring products have different fitting requirements so please make sure you familiarise yourself with what is needed to get the best out of your new floor and maximise its lifespan. Flooring products are warranted by the manufacturer and are only valid against manufacturing defects, which means that if you damage your flooring both before, during and/or after installation this will void your warranty. If it comes becomes apparent that you have done something against the manufacturer’s guidelines, then you will not be covered even if the issue develops much later down the line.

What’s not included?

  • Problems with the floor which occur because the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance guidelines, have not, in our opinion, been followed.

  • Flooring which has been installed despite being obviously defective before installation. Any fitter (both DIYer or Professional Trades Person) who buys our products have a duty of care to check that flooring is suitable before installing.

  • Planks showing visible defects should not be used as part of the installation. It is the responsibility of the owner/fitter to deselect these boards at the time of installation.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the flooring installer/fitter to conduct thorough checks of the site, subfloor, installation tools and materials to ensure they meet or exceed the acceptable industry standards and/or manufacturing instructions for installing.

  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by settling or uneven subfloors outside the specified requirement of our installation instructions.

  • Damage due to moisture including, but not limited to, leaking pipes, incorrect maintenance, excessive moisture in subfloor or humidity, or similar damage caused by conditions that are too moist.

  • Fixed items such as kitchen cabinets, islands, toilets, or baths should be fitted prior to installation of flooring and not on top of the new flooring as the boards will buckle and will not be covered by this warranty. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and other fixed items if fitted on top of the flooring may impact the expansion and contraction of the flooring.

  • Damage to surrounding structure, walls, subfloor, fixtures, furniture, mouldings, trims, heating elements or anything that is not the floor plank or tile.

  • Issues caused by improper maintenance or inadequate care.

  • Damage caused by negligence, or improper use for example caused by dragging furniture over the floor or surface damage caused by falling objects.

  • Damage resulting from lack of/or improper furniture protection. We recommend protective felt pads are fitted to table and chair legs and that wheels and castors are housed inside felt backed holders.

  • Damage from exposure to extreme heat or sunlight. Windows and patio door coverings should be used to avoid damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat.  

  • Warranty liability excludes any consequential or incidental occurrences that may arise from any claim and is strictly limited to the replacement of the affected flooring. By this we mean we will not pay for any loss, expense, inconvenience or damage other than to the affected flooring itself. We are not obliged to pay more than the cost of the original purchase price paid to us for the materials supplied.

  • Any usage other than interior residential or interior commercial.

  • If underfloor heating is compatible with the flooring and is installed, flooring may be exposed to a maximum temperature as per the installation instructions and the subfloor must be flat and stable.

  • Shading, colour or texture differences between samples and/or photographs of the delivered product may differ. All images ate for illustrations purposes only and goods should be thoroughly examined prior to fitting.

  • Minor shade variations within the same batch number and/or between batch numbers contribute to the natural look of flooring. To minimise noticeable shade variation, randomly pull flooring from three different boxes to ensure good colour and shade mixture. If you have multiple batch numbers, ensure the mixture captures flooring across all batch numbers.

  • Goods sold as seconds or graded products are exempt from this additional warranty cover.

How do I claim on my warranty?

Should you feel that you have to make a claim, simply get in touch with your point of sale who will instigate a warranty claim for you.

In the event of a claim where a manufacturing fault can't be identified, it may be possible for us to appoint a 3rd party inspector to commission a independent inspection report of the flooring in situ at your (the customers) expense. All applicable charges for such an inspection are to be paid for by the customer in full, prior to the visit. If it is deemed (by said inspector) that a manufacturing issue is present, then we will reimburse the full inspection fee back to the customer.


This warranty shall apply only to the original owner/purchaser of the floor and no 3rd party rights are included. 

Original proof of purchase receipt/invoice is needed in all claims.

No other expressed warranties are given.

Please note the terms of this warranty is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.

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